Webyx Pro for Elementor

What is Webyx Pro for Elementor

It is a plugin for WordPress to create amazing fullpage fullscreen sliding scrollable websites, landing pages, single page applications, multi page websites, and much more quickly and easily without writing a line of code.

Webyx Pro for Elementor is integrated with Elementor, the most used website platform for WordPress.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Webyx for Elementor needs Elementor (it doesn't matter whether it's Free or Pro) installed and working.

Be amazed by your imagination!

What you get with Webyx Pro for Elementor

You will have access to the following benefits:

  • a Pro version .ZIP FILE and a UNIQUE LIFETIME ACTIVATION KEY for 1 website
  • the FULL SET of the plugin features: this is an ALL-IN, there is no need of any further extension
  • 1 YEAR OF SUBSCRIPTION to get all updates, new features and bug fixes produced and released

How this product license works

  • 1 license key for 1 installation/domain
  • during your subscription you can deactivate and reactivate your activation key as many times you want as long as your product license is active, only 1 active installation/domain at a time for the same activation key
  • the license key is lifetime and if you decide not to continue the subscription after the expiring period the key will be no longer movable to another installation/domain but will work indefinitely
  • Webyx will be no longer usable in installations where the product has been deactivated
  • if the product license has expired, deactivating the activation key will no longer allow its reactivation. You will need to purchase a new product license

What you can do

NOTE: Webyx is compatible with both Elementor Sections and Flexbox Containers. In the following list we refer to "Sections", but the same is for "Containers".

Here is a quick list of the available features among the many:

  • Single or Multi page mode, with or without header (generated by Webyx), fullscreen or custom dimension view: you can have multiple types of website architectures
  • Sections: add and drag them easily to design your website
  • Header Section: is a place where you can create your website header (menu, logo, etc) directly with Elementor widgets
  • Anchors: you can jump to a specific Section without having to scroll as much and have "speaking/talking URLs" that are easy to understand and meaningful and SEO-friendly
  • URL history: the browser's record of visited Sections is always active
  • Scrolling content: add and show long content in a Section
  • Scroll overflow reset: scrolls back the content of the Section when leaving it at its start position
  • Section content position: align content in every Section
  • Continuous horizontal and vertical: infinite loops for Sections
  • Panel and Card style: X and Y axis indipendent animation mode styles
  • Parallax effect: X and Y axis indipendent animation movement
  • Template design: provide your own custom template
  • Animation easings (31 types) and speeds: X and Y axis indipendent behaviours and speeds from many types
  • Indipendent animations on X and Y axis: freely choose to mix your preferred animations in every axis
  • Slide, fade and toggle animations: X and Y axis indipendent animation styles
  • Navigation arrows (standard types or upload your custom image), bullets (32 types), mouse wheel and keyboard: many ways to navigate through your website
  • Horizontal animation (slide, fade and toggle animations) navigation via mouse wheel
  • (Classic) Horizontal scrolling & options disjointed between desktop and mobile: it will transform the entire row in classic horizontal scrolling type of movement
  • Smooth animation and duration for horizontal scrolling style
  • Normal scrolling website mode: transform your website in a more classic all vertical mode
  • Section height autofill: full height or auto-height
  • Lockable vertical movement and horizontal swipe: block navigation on every Section in the direction you choose
  • Mobile settings and movement threshold: many options for mobile devices
  • Switchable foregrounds for each Section background: keep background settings set at the same time to switch from one to another quickly
  • Background audio/video: configurable and indipendent audio/video backgrounds
  • Event hooks: enable Sections event hooks for your custom code
  • Custom CSS: add your custom CSS rules
  • Fullscreen button and hide scrollbar: utility options for your website
  • Loading splash screen: add and customize a loading splash screen
  • Visible/hidden Sections on the fly: you can add and remove Sections without deleting anything, saving you time
  • Engaging user editor interface: you can customize the user interface to have better information in your workflow
  • Automatic updates: notifications and updates when there is an update available
  • Rollback to previous versions: you can always go back to one of the available versions
  • Built-in responsive menu: you can use an infinite layer built-in menu
  • Responsive and touch support: fully responsive and perfect fit for every device
  • Professional, clean, optimized and minimized code: all code is proprietary and made by our team of software engineers and senior programmers
  • Lightweight: the lightest file size plugin of its kind for an all-encompassing solution
  • Compatible with all modern browsers
  • No jQuery
  • Easy to use with hundreds of configurable options
  • ...and much more!

Template kits available

Check on our Gumroad page a bunch of downloadable and ready to use template kits for all of our Webyx Pro for Elementor users:

See the Templates!

You can see all of them in action at our website:

Go to the demos!

Tutorial for beginners (in English)

The Webineer Team YouTube channel

Check the Webineer Team YouTube channel to find videos about Webyx features and how to use them, subscribe and hit the notification bell to be notified when a video is released.

Quick user's documentation

If you want to check the documentation visit Webyx website:

See the documentation!

Support & Customizations

You may contact us for Webyx related and exclusive support (questions, knowledge, bug fixing, etc) via the email address provided at the time of purchase and for the duration of the support terms.

  • Do you need us to review your website done with Webyx ?
  • Do you need a custom feature or something outside the plugin capabilities ?
  • Do you need or let us directly help you to create your website?

You can hire us for coaching ! To do this contact us describing what you need to achieve with Webyx and we will give you a quote creating a specific product here in Gumroad.

Try the Free version

You can try the Free version: download it from the WordPress official repository.

Important note: it is not possible to directly upgrade from the Free to the Pro version, they are two different products and not one the extension of the other.

If you are using the Free version and have created something with it, you will have to redo them again in the Pro version.

Download the Free version!

No refunds

This is a digital downloadable product: we offer no refunds, so please don't ask for them.

Please read the documentation, watch example videos and try the Free version of the plugin to understand if this is the product for you.

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Constant development

We love and care our projects and we work on them 365 days a year to give users an increasingly easy and powerful tool.

Coming soon

Note: this list was updated on the 3rd of May 2024.

Here are some new features we are evaluating in random order for the future of Webyx Pro for Elementor:

  • Integrated Footer
  • % of Sections to show/extend in classic Horizontal Scrolling style
  • Automatic movement by timer to move between Sections
  • Visible only navigation arrows on mobile mode
  • Drag & move in desktop mode
  • Different starting Section

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Webyx Pro for Elementor