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Webyx Pro for Elementor template: ArchTech Studio


What is ArchTech Studio template

It is a modern template for Elementor (created using Webyx Pro for Elementor plugin) for architecture and interior design websites. It is well suited for architecture, interior design, home decor, exterior design, decoration, furniture, business, construction, industries and many other websites.

IMPORTANT NOTE: ArchTech Studio template needs Webyx Pro for Elementor plugin installed and functioning and Elementor (it doesn't matter whether it's Free or Pro) installed and working.

Be amazed by your imagination!

Try the Demo

You can see and try the demo of this template here:

Go to the demo!

See the Webyx demo website here:

Go to the demo website!

What you get with ArchTech Studio template

You will have access to the following benefits:

  • a .ZIP FILE of the ArchTech Studio template

Steps to install this template

To install this template, you will have to follow these steps in this sequence:

  • Check if you have Elementor (it doesn't matter whether it's Free or Pro) installed
  • Install and activate Webyx Pro for Elementor plugin
  • Import the template kit with Elementor's import tools

You can follow these steps in the following video tutorial:

What will you need with ArchTech Studio template

To use ArchTech Studio template, you will need to have the followings:

What you can do with ArchTech Studio template

ArchTech Studio template is a ready to use template created by the Webineer Team using Webyx Pro for Elementor plugin and Elementor Free builder.

You can easily insert your contents by replacing the existing placeholders and set the various functions and features to your liking.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the ArchTech Studio template is provided as is and also features custom JS and CSS code, as well as structured architecture logic. It is ESSENTIAL that the user who wants to make substantial changes, beyond the contents, carefully explores the template and is able to make logical and procedural changes to the present code, otherwise the template will not function correctly.

Images in the demos will not be present in the template to be downloaded.

DISCLAIMER: the Webineer Team advises users of this template to save and backup their creations in advance to avoid having to start over if users consciously or unconsciously change something structural. The template is designed for a specific model of use and the Webineer Team can in no way know in advance how the user intends to use it and with any arbitrary modifications.

The Webineer Team YouTube channel

Check the Webineer Team YouTube channel to find videos about Webyx features and how to use them, subscribe and hit the notification bell to be notified when a video is released.

Quick user's documentation

If you want to check the documentation visit Webyx website:

See the documentation!

No Support

This is a template provided as is and with a structured architecture logic.

We do not provide any support: we assume that users are able to insert or modify contents using the Elementor builder.

No refunds

This is a digital downloadable product: we offer no refunds, so please don't ask for them.

Please read the documentation, try the demo to understand if this is the product for you.

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Webyx Pro for Elementor template: ArchTech Studio

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